How to compare dates in a excel file and update a column?


Is it possible to compare two date columns directly without breaking up (as date, month and year) in a excel file and update a column based on the output of the comparison.


If the end date is less than current date then bot has to update as 1 else 0

Kindly suggest if there is any direct approach to compare the date columns instead of breaking down as date, month and year

Hi @achyu!
You need to read the End date and the current date using the “Read Excel Cell” activity and compare the values using the “If …then” operator in the loop for each row.
If the value is less than current date, then change the value by using “Update Excel Cell” activity.

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@d.motta thanks for sharing this. let me check and update you


Hello @achyu, feel free to ask any additional questions.

sure @Mabwa_Neek, Thanks.

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