How do you write http_response to excel

Hi @Kudlappa_Gouder,

I’m trying to write http_response to excel. Can you please guide me on this?

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@vallepukalyan562 Whatever response you are getting in http response will be in JSON format.
You need to convert the data in below format in order to write it to excel.

“My List”: [
“Country”: “Russia”,
“Capital”: “Moscow”
“Country”: “USA”,
“Capital”: “Washington DC”

(My List - Sheet name.
Country - Column Header1
Capital - Column Header2
Russia and Mosow - Row1
USA and Washington DC - Row2)

You can also refer this document for more details.
Write Excel file – ElectroNeek Help Center

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Hi @Kudlappa_Gouder ,
Thanks for response , working fine.

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