How can I replace the words in a template creating several documents according to the gender of the person

Can you please clarify this a bit for me, I see that you are using the correct activities, what is the result that you are receiving

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The bot runs without any errors.

The problem is that when reviewing the document I cannot replace the variable {{nombre}} of a template and the new document is not created.

Can you please show me what the entire workflow looks like? It sounds like the bot isn’t finding any β€œM” from the variable. Also, I see that you have an array are you looking to iterate through that information from the created variable or from a different source?

Here is my workflow:

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Hi @Jose_Miguel_Almonte , from a first glance, i do not see where the error is occurring where the β€œM” variable is not being found. This is a good topic that you can submit to the support team by creating a ticket in the support portal. :slight_smile: