Generating an API request from Postman

Generating an API request from Postman

Often when creating API queries, users have questions about the correctness of the required parameters.

How to transfer data to an API-request

ElectroNeek API documentation portal

To generate an API request:

  1. Navigate to the ElectroNeek API documentation portal.
  2. Select the endpoint according to your organization.

    If you go to the API documentation through the user portal (Orchestrator SaaS → Integrations → API → “Documentation”), the endpoint will be automatically selected according to the region of the organization under which you are logged in to the portal.
  3. To transfer data via an API request, we need the API request to trigger the execution of the algorithm. For this, we will use the method
    POST /workflow/{id}/launch.
  4. The API request will look like this:
    {{endpoint}}/workflow/{id}/launch, where:

{{endpoint}} — (if the region of the organization is EMEA region)
{id} — id of the workflow to be launched. To find it:

  1. Navigate to → Orchestrator SaaS → «Workflows»
  2. In the list of published algorithms, find the one you want and click on the line with its name to open the detailed information.
  3. To the right of the algorithm name will be the “Copy ID” button. Click it - the algorithm ID will be copied to the clipboard.

  1. Тhat way, the URL of the API request should look like this:
  2. Go to Postman. Select the POST method and paste the URL to the input field.

  1. Create a new header in the “Headers” tab:

  2. Key - Authorization.

  3. Value - Api-Key {{API token}}, for example: Api-Key WEeiVabGIMClWmoS162yJQSzIdEuqiE4.

  1. Press «Send». If everything is filled out correctly, the API request will start the bot. The result will return the following value (where launch_id will correspond with the ID of the workflow):

Happy Automation!!!