Error at Send hotkey: "Selectors: Excel not installed"

Hi, when I try to send a hotkey to the browser, I get this error: "Error at ‘Send hotkey’: “Selectors: Excel not installed”. Why is Excel necessary to send a hotkey?

Note, I’m running this on a server via Orchestrator.


Hi @jway1013, For your create-bills subprogram, are you interacting with the Microsoft Excel application at any time?
I think this would be a good topic to submit to the support portal so that they are able to review all of this information and assist you further.

To submit a ticket you can go to your Electroneek portal and click the support portal tab.
when you are creating a ticket for this I recommend also attaching the logs from the workflow and the .neeks file that you are currently working on. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Oquandiah_Bridley, no, I’m not interacting with Excel at all. It’s all done via web automation.

Note, after installing Excel, the error went away.


Okay, I am glad you were able to find a solution.