Email Automation

ElectroNeek provides ready-to-use integrated Email activities for Automation such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, Google, Yahoo, iCloud, Yandex and others. This means users can easily choose default settings for any email server from the list by selecting the name of the service. The user may also configure custom settings by specifying the protocol and server host.

Learn more about different activities by visiting the Help Center:

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How to read and email
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You may also learn more by viewing the videos below on our YouTube channel:

How to configure Email activities in Studio Pro?

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Hi! I don’t understand how to go about the Server Settings in the Send Email activity. The email I’m trying to use is an old one with the domain (now, I think). The bot will not use Microsoft Outlook, the email will be sent from the web directly. I choose “Custom” in the list of setting for Server Settings, but I don’t understand what I need to do next. I’ve tried typing but I get a ETIMEDOUT error. Same happens when I type

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Since Hotmail is a Microsoft service, you may have to use the Microsoft SMTP settings:

I don’t have a Hotmail account to test with, but the table at the link above indicates you should use as your server:port configuration for Hotmail.


Give it a read it might help you in working with send email activity.


thank you @Muhammad_Hayyan. it was very helpful

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