Electroneek trying to read a textfile from the wrong path

The path I want the read textfile activity to access is “C:\Users\servi\Documents\Textfiles\PreText\”+directory_files[fileCount]+“.txt”, the problem is electroneek keeps trying to read from another path as shown below:

File ‘C:\Users\servi\Documents\Electroneekstuff\GPT OCR\GPT communication\UsersserviDocumentsTextfilesPreText\20230314093141178.pdf.txt’ does not exist… If the issue persists, please refer to Help Center to make sure the activity ‘Read text file’ was set up correctly.
The image below shows that I am entering the path in the right area and the file is in that directory.

To give some context GPTCommunication is the folder that my bot is in. I am trying to read a textfile from a completely different location.

Hi @yaseen You have indicated that you have found a solution for this question. Kindly let us know your solution.

I think you need double backslash (\) in the path.
I can see you only use it right before the directory_files[fileCount] variable. Maybe that’s the issue.