Data Extraction from Nested iFrame

Hi Guys,

I need to extract data from a nested iFrame. Specifically, I would like to extract the text “Learn to Code” from the nested iFrame found on this web page: W3Schools

I have tried using the “Find iFrame” method but have been unsuccessful thus far. Could you kindly provide guidance on the proper approach to achieve my objective?


@Kalindu First we need to find the 1st level iframe using ''Find iFrame” activity. then open the url from the Iframe in a new browser using the open url activity, and then you will be able to interact with the element

  1. find 1st level iframe
  2. extract ‘src’ from 2nd level iframe tag (iframe src=“/default.asp” width=“100%” height=“300”)
  3. Open the url (W3Schools Online Web Tutorials) in next tab.
  4. extract the text ‘Learn to Code’

demo-bot1.rar - Google Drive Download the bot from here and test. let me know if it works!


Hi @Kalindu, We would like to follow up if the solution presented above by @Kudlappa_Gouder worked for you. Please feel free to mark the particular post as a Solution.

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This works great. Thanks mate!

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