Chrome extension is not detected

I’ve just signed up for ElectroNeek community edition. I’ve installed Studio Pro and Google Chrome, then installed the “ElectroNeek Browser Automation” extension and made sure that it’s enabled however I am encountering the below error. Having Chrome open or closed makes no difference. I would also note that I’ve never had Studio Pro or Chrome installed on this machine before so it shouldn’t be config related.

Can anyone help?

Chrome extension is disabled
The ElectroNeek extension for Google Chrome is disabled so you are unable to identify elements on web pages using the Browser Picker tool. Please, open the Extensions tab in Google Chrome and enable the ElectroNeek extension

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Make sure the email address you added in Studio Pro and Google in which you have added the extension matches. If it is so, try refreshing the extension by turning off and on the Extension toggle button. Sometimes ElectroNeek does give this error, we try to solve it by refreshing the Extension.

@chris Make sure you have configured your google with ElectroNeek from these settings.