AS400 Integration

Hi we are participating on a bid and competing against UiPath, AA and MS PAD, basically one of the issues found is, we’ll need to integrate and work with and through an AS400 and it seems that the proper driver or emulator is not identified, do anyone have information about this driver or experience doing it in this environment.

Hello @abdiel
Are you using some external desktop for development? If yes, then your query is how can you make ElectroNeke work on it. Right? Or can you explain what you want to achieve in detail. I am finding it difficult to understand your query.

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Muhammad Hayyan Khan

Hi, txs for your response, we need to capture data from a web based application and input that same data into the AS400 application through it screens 'cause they don’t have any API or the internal code of that application.

This is the situation, we had used previously (with another RPA vendor) an AS400 driver o emulator to gather screens structure and send key behaviors to input data, but it doesn’t work at every case, it depends on the AS400 version or application to be use.

Now; question is, do you know if Electroneek use a specific AS400 driver, emulator or API to connect in these scenarios.

Appreciate your help, looking forward for your answer.

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As far as my knowledge extends, there hasn’t been any mention of drivers, emulators, or APIs specifically tailored for AS400 in ElectroNeek. However, we can experiment by testing ElectroNeek on AS400 to assess its capability to access elements on the platform. If successful, we can simply use ElectroNeek activities to automate your processes on AS400. On the contrary, if it doesn’t prove compatible, we can explore alternative solutions.

To proceed, obtaining access to AS400 is crucial. You may either provide access or undertake the testing yourself.

Additionally, @a.polianskii, this individual can offer valuable insights into drivers and APIs that might align with your requirements. Feel free to reach out to them for further information.

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We use ElectroNeek with the AS400. You will need the IBM Personal Communications Version 14 terminal emulator software. Then you can use the ElectroNeek RDP terminal functions to interact with the AS400 screens. It is somewhat clunky, but it works and is reliable.

Hey Randy; appreciate your help and information, will try this, I’ll let my team know about it.

Great to have this forum to share experiences.