Activities Public/Global Repository

Does ElectroNeek have a public repository with activities to extend Studio Pro IDE?

Hello @rubem.rocha,
Could you please provide me a bit more insight on this question? Are you referring to a 3rd party application that can create activities to be used with Studio Pro?

Hi, thank you for your relply!

Basically, I’d to know if ElectroNeek has an activities repository, to extend actual activities available in Studio Pro.

You know, like a 3rd party or proprietary activities library to extend the possibilities on writing robot’s workflows.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
Would you mind providing me with an example of how you would use this in your development? this will help me to understand your inquiry and do some research to ensure that I provide you with the most helpful and accurate solution.

Let me use an example. A particular low-code/no-code vendor has a repository which hubs components(in ElectroNeed case, activities), provided by other developers or by the vendor itself, that can be downloaded and used to build your solutions(in ElectroNeek case, bots). Got it?

Allow me to do a bit more research to see what we may have to offer.

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@rubem.rocha Hi, in the moment you can use all available activities from Studio Pro to build a workflow. We dont have a separate public repository of activities. If you have a question for specific use case, pose a question to us. We will explain how to use existing activities or other integrated services/connectors.