Is there some way to create a chatbot with ElectroNeek RPA?

Hello, please help us. We need a chatbot with a client. Is there a way to create a chatbot with ElectroNeek RPA? How would it be? Can it be integrated with whatsapp?


Hello, @Daniel_Cardenas_Z Welcome to the our community,

Our platform is flexible, and we can show you its power in a demo so that you can see how it can help your clients. Kindly book a demo with us by navigating to ElectroNeek. Fill out the form, and we will assign you a client representative who will take you through the platform with your specific use case.

Please let me know if you have any other question.


We already have ElectroNeek platform. I would like to know if it is possible to make a chat bot and integrate it with whatsapp?


Do you need integrate datas? Because I was in a project where I integrate a chatbot but using a API, its possible you receive all datas and messages from chatbot (this chatbot working in whats app), you need use tha API from chat bot, no WhatsAPP API. I suggest you talk to Support, they can guid you on your project, because API has a diferent sintax on Electroneek Studio Pro.

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Hi @Daniel_Cardenas_Z

If you want to make a chatbot for WhatsApp. I am sure it is possible. Although I have not worked on it but I have idea how you can do it. There is platform Zappier which provides you the API of multiple applications, I am sure it would have WhatsApp as well, if it does. Then you have to integrate Zappier Application (i.e WhatsApp) into ElectroNeek for it.

For more information regarding zappier. Use this link ElectroNeek RPA Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier


Hi @Daniel_Cardenas_Z!

There are ways to create WhatsApp chatbots with the ElectroNeek platform, for sure.

Before, let’s analyze what a chatbot really is and what its components are. A chatbot is an interface that a human interacts with, that reacts to the human’s text input by replying in different ways, and triggering certain actions in the background, like gathering data from databases or changing records on systems. So if we break this down, the chatbot itself has 3 components: the interface (for example, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc), the background engine moving the data (this could be an RPA engine like ElectroNeek), and of course there has to be some sort of “bridge” or connector between the interface and the background engine.

So in your particular case, you would need the WhatsApp for Business API enabled (the WhatsApp API is not public, unlike other message apps like Telegram), multiple ElectroNeek workflows that could be triggered on your Orchestrator based on the human user’s input (for example: change user data, reset system password, send license information, etc.), and a tool to integrate the 2 - and just like @Muhammad_Hayyan said above, our native Zapier integration would be a great solution for this. But you could also have other solutions, such as hosting your own server that listens to requests from the WhatsApp API and then triggers ElectroNeek workflows from your Orchestrator. It’s up to you.

Since you are an ElectroNeek partner, I recommend you access the Support Center and open a “Development Support” ticket with this request. Our Development Consultants will be able to help you put this solution into practice.

Hope this helps!