Project Settings

Could we have it in the project settings to automatically wait for elements (GUI and Web) to load before the process performs the actions? It would be super helpful–or maybe a checkbox as part of the parameters of the actions themselves to say “wait for element up to ## seconds”? The latter would allow us flexibility to apply different wait times to different elements. It seems like when I use the “Wait for Element” for every element, errors pop up from time to time. Do we only use “Wait for Element” for one item on the page? Couldn’t we have something that said “Wait for Page to Load”? Thank you in advance!

Hello @BrandonTerry We have implicit waits like, Open Url activity by default waits for page to load before moving to next step and we provided flexibility to explicitly mention wait times.

“Wait for element” activity is to be used when you have to perform two different tasks based on whether element appears or not.
For example: in a login page of a website, you have to enter the credentials and click on submit.

  1. If credentials are correct, it will redirect to dashboard
  2. If credentials are wrong, it will ask to reenter the credentials.
    Now, we have two possibilities here, so while creating bot we use ‘wait for element’ activity after clicking on submit button. Based on the element (any element to decide whether we are in dashboard or login page) we are defining next steps in “yes” or “No” blocks.

So, no need to use “wait for element” for every element. It will be used only when you to branch the flow depending on specific element.

Hi @BrandonTerry Brandon, thank you for your idea, we started a new feature ideas board, moved it there and decided to put your suggestion on our roadmap. Check it our here and submit more ideas, you are welcome