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the workflow list is too chaotic and the user takes too long to find his workflow. It would be nice if orchestrator could be organized in folders, dividing the workflows according to the area they belong to (Finance, Operations, HR…).

Hello @daniele_arcangeli, We will consider your feedback for future versions. Your point is fair about the potential to still optimize the experience for your scenario with the Orchestrator

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I would agree with this request as well! Companies are generally divided into multiple departments or teams that perform a variety of tasks. I would like the ability to sub folders within each folder as well–for example:

  • ERS
  • Synergi
    • Executive Team
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Legal, Audit Support, & Eligibility
    • Operations
    • Data Operations
    • Development
    • CARES Operations
    • CARES Operations – Process & Quality Audit
    • CARES Operations – Client Success
    • Credit Optimization
    • IT Support and Data Security
    • Puerto Rico Team
    • Marketing and Partnerships
    • Sales
    • Sales SE & Lead Generation
    • Synergi SE Operations
    • Disaster & Specialized Credits
    • WOTC Operations
      • State Website Audits - Daily
      • State Website Audits - Weekly or Monthly
      • Single Entry
      • Batch Upload
      • Determinations
      • Keying - Forms
      • Keying - Certifications
      • Keying - Denials
      • Keying - Needs
    • WOTC Client Services & Implementation

As you can see, in an ideal situation, we would be able to create as many folders and subfolders as we need to stay organized. This would be extremely helpful for sure!

Also, give us the ability to drag and drop from one location to the next. Since this type of feature would be rolled out after so many of us have published processes to Orchestrator, we should be able to use drag and drop (or some other functionality) to move existing processes to their new location. I really like how Azure DevOps allows you to drag and drop Sprints into Iterations, so maybe something like that? I am including a screenshot of an example scenario.

We could click the process and drag it over to the correct folder. As you can see, each folder has either a plus or minus sign. The plus indicates that the folder can be expanded to show sub folders, and the minus indicates that the folder can be collapsed to make more space for the others on the page.

As always, thank you for listening!


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This is a super-great idea and would be a great addition to our feature sets @daniele_arcangeli and @BrandonTerry. We are always looking for ways that we can improve our user experience on our platform, and categorizing projects and workflows according to departments will for sure create a better experience. The drag-and-drop feature from one location to the next is also something that we can look into. Thanks for bringing this up. We will forward this to the team for further evaluation.

Happy Automation!