Only export used files to .neex

I manage multiple workflows in one project because I’m reusing a lot of components. When I export a bot to .neex, the files get quite large, about 700 mb. Because of that it takes more than one minute to start the execution of the bot. Could this be fixed by just exporting the components in to .neex that are actually in use?

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Hi @bnp

I hope you are doing well.

I would like to ask if you are using the subprogram in your project or not? Adding that I am using multiple flows in my project via subprogram, again and again. I am not facing such an issue.

If you are not using a subprogram. I would suggest you use this activity in your project. It will help you minimize the main file workflow and give you the best result.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Kinds Regards,
Muhammad Hayyan Khan

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Yes I’m using subprograms as much as possible. How big do your .neex files get?

I am using 4 subprograms in my project. Also I have tried to reduce the the flow as much as possible. When I convert the main file to .neex, it is only 1265 kb in size.

Maybe if you reduce your flow in the main file it might work for you. Like if there is a possibility of reducing the flow.

I’m using way more, probably around 30 in use and much more in the project overall.

Oh that’s too much. I am just curious about your workflow, I am currently working on a project which has way long work flow, how much lengthy your work flow would be. I hope you get the solution for it.

Nice talking to you!

@bnp I would suggest you log ticket to support and based on their analysis of the project they will provide alternative solution, or we can work on improvement.

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