New Feature: SMS Alerts/Mobile Orchestrator

Hi there!

It would be amazing if workflows could send SMS alerts. Every individual everywhere carries his or her cell phone with him/her. When we get text messages, we immediately check to see what they are. Currently, alerts can be performed via email; however, emails can be quite often lost. We could use these types of alerts to inform individuals, leadership, etc. that processes are complete or that an error occurred.

While I am on the subject of mobile phones, what about creating a mobile app for Orchestrator Saas? We could manage our workflows while we are on the go!

As always, thank you for listening! Have a wonderful day!

@BrandonTerry Thanks for an interesting idea! Currently it is possible to send SMS or read SMS by using different web versions of Apps.

Hi, @d.motta! Yes, I am aware that there are websites that allow for users to send SMS; however, they are all websites that require some form of payment. This would be helpful if it were just part of ElectroNeek. Thanks!

Hi @BrandonTerry, thank you so much for your constructive idea, which we much value.