New Feature: Publish Workflow to Solution Design Document (SDD)

So, UiPath has a tool called Task Capture, which is a great idea; however, it’s a bit overboard. Why should a developer spend time creating a flowchart with this tool after he or she has already built the solution? Why not have one tool where the developer can create the workflow and then export it into a document–complete with company logos/designs, bigger screenshots with arrows pointing to the objects, etc?

The amazing Timothy and I recently had a conversation about comments on activities. The fact that we can’t resize activities is painful, especially when we want comments to be shown in their entirety. I like for my Quality Analyst to be able to completely understand the workflow as she is verifying it. If would be nice if we could have a little icon in the upper right corner of the activities where the comments could be stored. We could choose to expand or minimize the comments on demand. In relation to the above-mentioned suggestion, we could opt to have these comments exported to the documented process.

As always, thank you for your time and consideration!

Hi @BrandonTerry, Certainly, this is something workable, and we appreciate the idea suggestion. Please continue to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can improve your experience.