New Feature: Get the First Free Column, Get the First Free Row, and Get both the First Free Column/Row

It would be great if we could have a feature that would get the first free column, row, or even both. This would help when we use Update Excel Cells, etc. I will give you an example.

Right now, I am building a process that is supposed to read a matrix in Excel and update other spreadsheets based on the parameters that are set in the matrix. Having an activity that retrieves the first free column/row would be so beneficial. I could build the bot to retrieve the first free row and then use that in a calculation in the Update Excel Cell parameters. I could also build loops with counters based on the row information from the other spreadsheets. I hope that makes sense. This would be extremely beneficial! Thank you so much!

Hello @BrandonTerry,

Please keep on sharing ideas that will help us improve our services and processes. Thank you for your valued input.