New Feature: Customize Gui Action and Web Action Icons

It is very taxing for me to look at workflows that have GUI and Web Actvities as their colors are too similar. Can we either get one of the colors to to be changed globally, give users the ability to change settings that sync with my login (I use Studio on multiple machines), or make the icons for Web vs GUI very different eventhough they share the same name such as “element found”.

P.S. I have made many errors in the past due to picking the wrong pink icon for web vs gui. If you have many controls on a page it is super easy to sneak in the wrong one from time to time.

@g.melihov , @Fernanda_Costa , nice comment. If you think we can update colors - it can be helpful for users.

hi @benoates, There has been times where I have also used the wrong selector due to the similar colors! This is an awesome suggestion! I’m all for it!!

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Hi @benoates ,

Nice comment here, thank you! It’s in our list of ideas.