New Feature: Close Specific Tab


I know we have the ability to close a tab by using “send hotkey” with the keyboard shortcut “ctrl w”; however, it would be nice if we could have an activity that closes a specific tab. In my organization, we have an Intranet that opens up in the first tab. I have a process that starts off with the “open url” activity to navigate to our report portal. At this point, there are two tabs. The next step in the process is to clear the history of the browser. This has to be done to ensure that the bot can log into the report portal easily, as there are three variations of the login screen depending on how it was logged out previously. So now, we have three tabs open. I have it in the process to “send hotkey” with “ctrl w” to close the current tab. The weirdness happens after the last tab is closed. Sometimes, Chrome will enable the report portal while other times, it will enable the Intranet. Because of this, I can’t use “send hotkey” with “ctrl w” twice. If we had a “Close Specific Tab” activity, we could ensure that the right tabs close and stay open always. Thank you in advance! Have a wonderful day!

This is actually something that could be really helpful. Its good that you pointed this out. Im sure others would also appreciate this activity! Nice Catch :smile:

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