Keep Bot Runner Machine Logged In (Replacement to 'Working with closed or blocked RDP window')

One of the biggest challenges with unattended bots with ElectroNeek at the moment is deploying bots working with UI automations on bot runner machines that are virtual. Until recently ElectroNeek has not had any features within the product to ensure that the Bot Runner is ‘logged in’ whilst the execution is underway, the new RDP feature helps with this but still has some drawbacks:

  • Requires credentials to be defined in the Orchestrator/the Orchestrator to be used (which can be a security concern for some customers)
  • Does not work with ‘Wait for Image’ tasks in workflows.

A cost-effective alternative to this that should allow for use of all of the ElectroNeek features is the tool LogonExpert ( This tool can be configured to always keep an active logged on session on a server/pc for the defined user account, this also still allows for the use of RDP when making configuration changes, as soon as the RDP session is disconnected, the server is logged back on by the utility as the console session.

This tool is configured on the Bot Runner machine, so requires no need for credentials to be shared with the ElectroNeek Orchestrator.

Note for ElectroNeek development: The LogonExpert application also offers an SDK that can be utilised in other applications to create a logged-on session on a server/PC. This would provide a good replacement/enhancement of the current beta RDP features which would provide “auto-logon” capabilities more in line with other major RPA vendors.

I hope this helps the community!

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Hi, @Josh_Powley Yes, for sure, this helps the community.

Thank you for your feedback and the further suggestions on how we can improve your experience when working with the Bot Runner and the Orchestrator. For sure, we can take a closer look at this functionality.