File History should allow the complete reversal of the Bot to the chosen version

I’m not sure if this is actually a possible improvement or if it’s a bug that needs to be corrected.

The way we can do bot versioning at the moment is by reversing to a previous vrsion of the bot through the File History. However, I have noticed that it only works for the activities in the workflow. The attributes of elements picked with the browser picker won’t go back to their previous state. That’s inconvenient because then I need to change them back manually. It feels like just half the goal is achieved.

So my suggestion is to make it so the entire project is reversed to the chosen version in the file history.


Hello, @cris-dsc, thank you for this product improvement request! We appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts about how your entire project can be reverted to a chosen version in the file history. We appreciate your feedback and will consider how you would like to see our product improve.

Happy Automation!!

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Hello @cris-dsc,
We are currently thinking of improving the File History feature and your suggestion fits like a glove. Thank you for the suggestion.