Enhancement Request: Orchestrator Triggers for Bot Runners

Good day!

As I understand it, we are currently only able to schedule bots to run by schedules; however, it would be extremely beneficial to be able to have one workflow start once another ends. This would single-handedly maximize efficiency with regards to how bots run. Let’s say a bot is scheduled to run a workflow at 12 a.m. and is expected to run for 2 hours; however, it fails after 5 minutes. That means that 1 hour, 55 minutes is wasted. If we have logic that states “run workflow A once workflow B ends” and so on, then we would always be able to have bots running in their environments. It would be amazing!

We could also use that logic to run workflows in loops. For example, I could schedule workflow A to run after workflow Z finishes, and it would continue in that cycle.

Thank you so much for listening to my never-ending requests. :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful day!

Hello @BrandonTerry Thank you for suggesting an improvement. We appreciate your contribution in improving our product!

@Mabwa_Neek , @g.melihov , do we have sequences in our Orchestrator? Could you answer it just for my curiosity, please?

@Yudovskiy , the way it is described in the request, we do not have it. It is possible to do a similar thing through, say, API but it needs a bit of coding, i.e. naturally launching one bot after another one.

We have this request in our ideas.

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