Enhancement Request: Orchestrator Organization


It would be nice if we could have a folder system inside of Orchestrator. This may help with issues that arise while cloning processes and uploading them to Orchestrator. For example, I have audit processes for each state. An audit consists of three separate processes: 1.) Generate Report, 2.) Scrape Data, and 3.) Perform Analysis. We have to apply it to all states for each platform. Each platform may be consist of 4 or more states. If we could upload a process known as 01_GenerateReport to the WOTC > WOTC Operations > CO Platform > AL > Audit folder, then we wouldn’t have processes that get overwritten.

I have the same process that works for all states that generates pending reports. I copied these processes and changed a few things to accommodate for each state. When I try to upload to Orchestrator for one state, it replaces for another. I really do think a folder system would be a great idea for housing our processes, especially as we use them for multiple departments and even across clients.

Thank you in advance!


Hi @BrandonTerry
Thanks! We appreciate your suggestion and the time you took to share your idea. We are always keen to listen to our customers’ contributions.

When using the orchestrator as a partner, not having the ability to segment workflows and bot runners makes it very difficult to manage when working with many end-users or bots.

Ideally we should be able to either put each of these into folders, or tag each of them to make it clearer what each bot runner/workflow relates to. Examples of the usage of this feature would be:

  • Clear visibility of which end-user each item relates to
  • Segmentation of deployment stage/environment (development, staging, pre-production, production)
  • Categorisation workflows such as business area, systems involved, etc.

As a consequence of tagging these items it should then be possible to then filter the lists based on one or more tags.


Hi @Josh_Powley, Thank you for suggesting an improvement to the Orchestrator. We appreciate you taking the time to share your suggestions for how we can improve our products. This is definitely something we can look into. Please do not hesitate to share any additional thoughts with us.


We are also looking for something similar !

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Sure @nmnithinkrishna

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