Enhancement Request: Move File to include Move Folders

This week, I tried to use the Move File activity to move a folder, its subfolders, and its contents from one file path to another. I very quickly realized that my intentions were not met with this activity, and it got me to thinking that with some small changes, we very well could allow users to achieve this goal much easier than using the following two options:

Option 1

  • Zip Files to compress the folder to a zipped folder
  • File Found to verify the zipped folder exists in the destination folder.
  • Delete Files to delete the original folder and its contents.
  • Move File to move the zipped folder from the source to the destination folder.
  • Unzip Files to extract the folder and its contents into the destination folder.
  • File Found to verify the unzipped folder exists in the destination folder.
  • Delete Files to delete the zipped folder and its contents.

Option 2

  • List Directory Files
  • Save Value to Variable, directory_files
  • Do-While Loop with all of its scenarios and conditions


If the Move File activity were enhanced to allow for moving entire folders and their contents as well, we could manage this process in one activity. It would be a “one and done” type of situation. These kinds of enhancements can really cut down on development time and make ElectroNeek even more appealing to new users.

As always, thank you for listening! Have a wonderful day!



Hi @Brandon,

Thank you for bringing up this important feedback. It goes a long way in helping us optimize our activities and improve your experience with our platform. The potential is still there to optimize your experience further. Don’t hesitate to send any more suggestions on how we can improve our platform.

Hi Brandon

I totally support this enhacement. I’m now triying to move a folder using Move File activity and is not working as I thought

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Thanks for your support @Yoshi, we are always aiming to improve the user experience on our platform and this is an idea we will definitely consider.