Enhancement Request: Help Articles and Training Videos

As I understand it, ElectroNeek is getting or has gotten a technical writer to boost the help articles. I am sitting here trying to figure out why Subprogram isn’t working because it keeps telling me that the activities do not have elements or parameters. However, when I open the actual project, everything is where it should be and it works just fine. We need articles that actually show from start to finish and detail along the way how everything should look and work, as well as proper troubleshooting. The same goes for the training videos. Also, it would be extremely beneficial to link the training videos to the help articles. Thank you!

Hello @BrandonTerry, we do have a technical writing team working on articles for our help center; please keep checking our help center for these articles, and sure we will work on linking the videos to the articles. Thank you for the suggestion.

@g.melihov , do you think we have to ask Maria to create an account here? We can tag her for any document update-related posts. What do you think?

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@Yudovskiy , Maria is already analysing the forum but I will send the link to the ticket and I agree on the idea.

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@g.melihov , I think you can tag her here once she joins the forum. Thank you!

@Victoria_Neek , take a look at it please :slight_smile:

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Good day!

I must say that it is brilliant seeing so much activity on the forum! I wanted to provide another suggestion that would be of assistance with the development of a richer training environment. When I was working for a former employer, we implemented a program where the Associates would email to the teams what they learned that day–to pay it forward, so to speak.

With this in mind, I feel that tickets and forum posts should be considered with regards to the development–or re-development, rather–of the training environments. Please allow me to preface my next statement with I have in-depth experience with other RPA platforms. I submitted a few tickets to the Support team to ask the questions like, “How do I use variables in XPath?” or “How do I use Anti-Captcha in my workflow?” or “How do I extract dynamic text from an email message?” or “How do I set element value with the substring of a variable?” There are so many amazing topics to be discussed.

Thank you!


Hi @BrandonTerry, This for sure is a brilliant idea I can definitely see how we can use tickets and forum posts for development, re-development, and upskilling. We sure will look into this.