Enhancement Request: For Each Row


We desperately need to be able to resize the “For Each Row” activity block. Our organization has quite a number of complex processes with lines that connect many activities, “If…Then” and “Wait for…” loops, etc. All of these lines are running on top of each other, and it’s getting harder and harder to identify what goes to what. Add to that the need to add exception handling for every activity, we are quite overdue for such a change. Thank you in advance! Have a wonderful day!

@BrandonTerry Thank you very much for your suggestion. We are always keen to listen to our customers and to receive their feedback. I want you to know that our team has given your suggestion some serious consideration. We appreciate your opinion and hope that you will keep on sharing insightful ideas with us.

Thank you so much! I would also like to be able to copy, paste, move, etc. the activities or groups of activities within a For Each Row loop block. Thank you in advance!

@BrandonTerry Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing!