Enhancement Request: Capture Programming automatically


I had a meeting today with a couple of peers who work on other projects. We discussed API’s as a possible solution for extracting data from websites. While doing some research, I began to think about ElectroNeek and how there are certain aspects that we have to capture or manage manually–things like retrieving the CSS Selectors or XPaths of elements, for example. It would be extremely beneficial on all of us if ElectroNeek was able to capture these aspects of web elements automatically. Additionally, the ElectroNeek IDE and Bot Runner should utilize these aspects when trying to identify elements–if the chosen attributes do not find the element, then the bot will use the CSS Selector and XPath to find it. Small things like this can really mean a lot, especially for small businesses like the one I work for where I am the only RPA/OCR developer responsible for building and managing hundreds-to-thousands of processes while documenting every step.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this issue! Have an amazing day!

@BrandonTerry hi! It’s a really interesting request! Thank you! I hope you know that you can save a selector for an element with a browser picker and reuse it in another project.

@d.motta Hi! Yes, I am aware of that feature. I am constantly thinking about how we can improve upon ourselves to advance into the future quicker and better that we are today. I’m constantly sending advice to companies. I can’t seem to stop myself. LOL! Thank you so much for your input and consideration!

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@BrandonTerry Thanks for your contribution!