Enhancement Request: Bot Runners in Orchestrator

While trying to run a process, I noticed that the Orchestrator and Bot Runner could not proceed while the computer was locked. There should be a way that we can add credentials to the Bot Runners so that they can be unlocked to ensure the bot runs successfully. Thank you in advance!


Hi @BrandonTerry, Thank you very much for your continuous product improvement recommendations and for all your input; we totally appreciate it. We are constantly striving to enhance our product, and your support means everything to us.

We build an application on a linux box that detects offline runners with pending launch and then starts an RDP session. Also works with a disconnected or locked RDP session.

How it works
Bot-Runner with offline status:
If the user is logged out, their bot-runner will have the offline status and if a workflow is started, manual or by schedule, its launch will have the pending status.
Our manager daemon will detect this condition and will start the RDP session automatically so the bot-runner will be online and able to execute the workflow, that will no longer be as pending but rather as in progress.
When the workflow is done running the “Manager” will disconnect the RDP session for this user.

@BrandonTerry You can use our closed RDP feature for this. Please find the below article on how to work with closed RDP.
Working with a closed or blocked RDP window – ElectroNeek Help Center

@Kudlappa_Gouder Is there a feature in case the session is offline on a Windows Server so that a workflow scheduled in Orchestrator runs? I’m not talking about a workaround, but a feature.