Enhancement Request: Autolayout and Loop Arrows/Connectors

Good day!

I would like to see a change to the Autolayout and Loop Arrows that can be used within a process.


Currently, the Autolayout button does some crazy things to the process’s arrows (please see below).

As you can see, it elongates some arrows (figure 1) and reduces the space too much (figure 2) on others.

The image below shows the suggested layout.

As you can see, the spaces between each activity are even, and the arrows/connectors are straight.

Below is another scenario with some wait and if…then logic. This is how it’s originally built, followed by what happens to it when Autolayout is used.

The new layout is harder to figure out, causing the developer or user to take a longer time analyzing it.

Finally, the image below shows how sometimes the spacing is removed between activities.


Perhaps the Autolayout could be a toggle button or switch that, when pressed, it automatically aligns the activities per stricter guidelines. With this behavior, any processes already built would be aligned per the guidelines. Also, the activities and connectors would behave appropriately as they are being created.


The next issue is with regards to looping arrows/connectors. In the image below, you can see that the looped connector is a straight line going from the bottom to the top rather than the connector going around the process itself. I am including two images–the first will show how the Studio Pro IDE automatically links activities, and the second will show the suggested connection.

I know this is a lot, but I really love this feature and want to see it in a better condition. Thank you so much for listening.


This is a good catch, it’s the little things that counts. I can understand why this can be a challenge for new developers, it is definitely something worth shedding some light on.