ElectroNeek Release Version 7.2

Studio Pro

  1. Fixed an issue where the browser selected in the settings did not appear as selected in the Open URL actvity.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Microsoft Edge browser didn’t open with the Open URL activity.
  3. Fixed issues in the Studio Pro graphic interface.
  4. Fixed an issue where the name of algorithms published in Orchestrator was displayed incorrectly.
  5. Fixed problems sometimes occurring when working with subprograms.
  6. Fixed issues with Chrome Native and Chrome Selenium.
  7. Fixed errors that occur after adding a “Email trigger” activity to canvas.
  8. Fixed errors that occur when publishing algorithms in Orchestrator and when exporting bots into .neex format.
  9. Fixed an issue where the User notification activity would show a blank message.
  10. Fixed errors when working with subfolders with the Read emails (MS Outlook) activity.
  11. Fixed errors in Studio Pro localization.
  12. Fixed an issue where the Execute JS code activity would cause the failure to export to .neex -format and would lead to an exception.
  13. Fixed errors in operation of .neex -files that could result in incorrect recognition of file paths.
  14. Fixed errors in operation of variables in Scrape structured data activity.
  15. Fixed an issue that caused the result of data extraction to be saved incorrectly with the Scrape structured data activity.
  16. Fixed an issue with the date displaying in the “Date from” parameter in the Read emails activity.
  17. Fixed an issue occurring when working with credentials in the For each email activity.
  18. Fixed an issue where Anti-captcha would not work.
  19. Fixed an issue where the Read emails (Outlook) activity could not read emails when working in the “Playground” mode.
  20. Fixed the Input to browser activity not working correctly.
  21. Fixed errors that caused memory overload when working with Studio Pro.
  22. Fixed an issue where a re-saved project replaced a project already published in Orchestrator instead of being saved under a new name.
  23. Fixed an issue where encrypted .neex -files could not be launched.
  24. Fixed an issue where advanced element parameters in one algorithm were cleared when another algorithm was launched.

Bot Runner

  1. Fixed an error where the token would not update after changing the authorization method.
  2. FIxed an issue where users with the “Employee” role could not use Productivity Analytics.
  3. Fixed errors in operation of neex -files that could result in incorrect recognition of file paths.