ElectroNeek Release Version 6.3

Studio Pro

  1. Added the ability to select folders as attachments in the Send email activity of Outlook and Office 365 groups. A corresponding checkbox has been added to the interface.
  2. Added the ability to use wildcard * when working with the Delete file activity.
  3. The run status window will now remember the location after moving it.
  4. Added an ability to select encoding in the Read text file, Create file, Overwrite file, Append to file activities.
  5. If you cannot use the application due to insufficient rights, a notification will now appear informing you of this.

Bug fixes

Studio Pro

  1. Fixed an error Cannot read property 'params' of undefined when working with the “Data element” function in the Scrape structured data activity.
  2. Fixed an issue when the browser elements were incorrectly detected when working with Chrome Native.
  3. Fixed an issue when Google Chrome would not run through Studio Pro due to outdated versions of the chrome driver.
  4. Fixed an issue when the authentication in ABBYY OCR wouldn’t work on AWS virtual machines.
  5. Fixed an error Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0 when working with ABBYY OCR.
  6. Fixed an issue when the read emails by the Read emails (Outlook) activity were not marked as read directly in Outlook.
  7. Fixed an issue with “Ignore HTTPS certificate verification” checkbox. When the checkbox was disabled and the same algorithm was run in Studio Pro and Bot Runner, different results were displayed.

Bot Runner

  1. Fixed an issue when the “Calculate a value” parameter would not find files by relative path when running the bot through the Orchestrator.

Orchestrator and user’s portal

  1. Fixed an issue when the icons for changing a user’s role and deleting a user in the Teams section were disappearing.
  2. Fixed an issue when a user sometimes couldn’t accept an invitation to an organization if they had already been invited to another organization and didn’t accept its invitation.