ElectroNeek Release Version 4.18

Release 4.12-4.18

What’s new:

  1. The mechanism for working with the ‘ElectroNeek’ extension in Google Chrome (Browser Picker) has been thoroughly redesigned, checks have been introduced to make sure the extension is installed and enabled, and at each step the user will know if any of these are not done. Now the checking of ‘ElectroNeek’ extension presence in the Google Chrome browser takes place only in the active profile.
  2. Added ‘Execute JavaScript’ activity to the ‘Web browser’ group, which allows you to execute JS code on a web page.
  3. Added the ability to control workflow execution steps in debug mode. Added the ability to perform Debugging Actions: ‘Step Into’, ‘Step Over’, ‘Step Out’ and ‘Resume’.
  4. ‘Block Input’ and ‘Unblock Input’ activities added to the ‘Extensions’ activity group to block/unblock user interference with the robot using the keyboard or mouse.
  5. The option to run the algorithm in debug mode has been added to the Studio menu item ‘Run’. If there are breakpoints in the workflow, the robot will stop at them.
  6. Added the ‘Input from keyboard’ activity to the ‘Web browser’ group.
  7. In the ‘Desktop apps’ and ‘Web browser’ groups, you can now set a delay before and after the activity is performed.
  8. You can now set the startup parameters for the selected application in the ‘Open application’ activity.
  9. Added the display status of the connection to the ‘ElectroNeek’ extension when Google Chrome is running.
  10. Added the ability to automatically translate service characters into plain text in the ‘Input from keyboard’ activity.
  11. Now, in the case of an error situation during the execution of the algorithm with Robot, a popup window appears with the text of the error.
  12. In the properties of the ‘Get current date’ activity you can now specify the time zone.
  13. Added possibility to use hotkeys to activate/deactivate the block during debugging.
  14. Added a popup blocking the simultaneous use of several Studio under the one account.

What’s changed:

  1. Robot functionality is now available in Studio as well - running algorithms, authorization in your account, changing platform settings, third-party services and passwords can all be done within Studio itself.
  2. In the personal account, each product now has its own set of pages, which can now be accessed by employees through the Teams page.
  3. Now to start a workflow using Robot it is necessary to use files with the extension ‘.neex’. You can create such a file in Studio using the ‘Export to .neex’ button. The ‘.neek’ files are now only available for use with Studio.
  4. Information about the end of the license is now located only in the Studio window.
  5. The Studio console now visually separates the logs from the different runs of the algorithm.
  6. When the algorithm stops, the console displays a link to the action where the error occurred. If an error occurred in a subprogram - now its name is specified in the error text.
  7. The ‘Interface elements’ activity group has been renamed to ‘Desktop apps’. Activity ‘Execute JS code’ was renamed to ‘Execute JS code’.
  8. Changed the method of storing scripts in the ‘Execute JS code’ block - now all scripts created in this block are stored in the ‘.js’ file format inside the folder with the project.
  9. The item selection process in all Picker applications is now possible using the ‘Ctrl+X’ shortcut.
  10. Now there is no need to save the file with the algorithm before creating items using the Picker or selecting a coordinate point on the screen.
  11. The Open URL now displays the selected browser, which you can click to go to the settings menu.
  12. Recorder is now available in a separate tool. Added the ability to define different items to click or enter information in Recorder.
  13. Redesigned Robots, Workflows and Details pages in the Orchestrator product.
  14. Improved descriptions of many errors.
  15. After logging in, the ‘License’ tab of the Robot window displays information about Productivity Analytics and Orchestrator product accesses for the user.
  16. Now, when you press the ‘Stop’ button in Studio, the execution of the ‘Subprogram’ block stops immediately.
  17. The location of the file modification indicator has been changed, the ‘*’ symbol is now displayed at the beginning of the tab name.
  18. When you add an action to a workspace with a double click, autofocus is now performed on this block.
  19. Added the display of the authentication status of Google and Microsoft services.
  20. In Studio, it is now possible to open a folder with launch logs.
  21. Changed the color of item highlighting when the ‘Test’ button is pressed in Desktop Picker. One found item - the highlighting is yellow, several items - orange color.
  22. The paths to the files used in the algorithms are now relative. Now when you move an algorithm that uses any files from the project folder, the new location of the files is changed automatically.
  23. On the ‘Workflows’ tab of the Orchestrator, the order of the added workflows has been changed to “new-old”.
  24. It is now possible to move not only the end of an arrow, but also its beginning.

What’s fixed:

  1. Fixed an error when opening a .neek file with a double click.
  2. Fixed incorrect display of ‘Element not found’ caption when the item is defined correctly.
  3. Fixed an error when reading a .docx file with a list item.
  4. Fixed erroneous display of element lists in the ‘Elements’ tab in Studio.
  5. Fixed errors with the display of variable values preview in the ‘Variables’ tab.
  6. Fixed the display of parameters of web page elements in previously created algorithms.
  7. Other minor changes and corrections.