ElectroNeek Release Version 4.18.0

Release 4.11

What’s new:

  1. When the Studio and the Robot are launched, the environment is automatically checked for readiness for work. If some necessary condition of Studio or Robot work is not fulfilled, an error with description of the situation is displayed.
  2. Added functionality for working with the terminal: Terminal Picker application, ‘Input from keyboard’, ‘Read text from area’ and ‘Wait for text’ activities.
  3. A display of the current action inside the subroutine and a button to stop workflow have been added to the robot execution status window.
  4. The error block is highlighted with another text and is clickable (even if there is an error in the subroutine).
  5. Now in the settings of ElectroNeek Robot you can specify that the robot does not close the browser after the algorithm.

What’s changed:

  1. Changed ‘Studio’ design - new sections have been added to the horizontal menu, the name of the window now displays the project name, and the version and status of the platform are displayed under the console.
  2. The quality of the resulting image has been improved when using the ‘Convert to image’ activity in the ‘PDF’ group.
  3. The design of the ‘Variables’ tab and cards with values of variables were changed.
  4. Changed design of the window of user invitation to the organization.
  5. Improved highlighting of an erroneous activity.

What’s fixed:

  1. Fixed incorrect behavior when using breakpoint in workflow.
  2. Fixed incorrect display of Studio launch process.
  3. Other minor changes and corrections.