ElectroNeek Release Release 4.1

Release 4.1

What’s new?

  1. Added the group ‘Unstructured Data’. Added the ‘Recognize passport’, ‘Recognize invoice’, ‘Recognize receipt’ and ‘Recognize driver license’ activities.
  2. Added the ‘Triggers’ group with the ‘File Trigger’ and ‘Email Trigger’ activities that allow users to track files in the folder and the appearance of emails, respectively.
  3. Added the ‘Tables’ group, the ‘Read Table’ activity that allows users to read a table from Excel, Google Sheets, or CSV file and the “For each row” activity that allows users to run activities in a loop on the rows of the specified table.
  4. The ability to run Google Chrome with command line arguments is added in ElectroNeek Robot settings.
  5. Added ‘Filter by status’ and ‘Filter by content’ parameters in the ‘Read emails’ activity of the ‘Email’ group, which allows users to filter readable messages.

What’s changed:

  1. When adding the ‘Get element value’ and ‘Get element property’ activities of the ‘Browser’ group to the workspace, the “Assign value to a variable” activity is also added.
  2. Added the opportunity to conveniently switch to editing of the selected element in actions of the “Interface elements” group.
  3. The ‘Run Now’ button on the ‘Orchestration’ tab to instantly launch a specific workflow is returned.
  4. Changed colors and icons for activity blocks.

What’s fixed:

  1. Incorrect comment behavior in the ‘Console log’ activity.
  2. Other minor changes and corrections have been made.