Bot Versioning

I believe that in the orchestrator it would be great to know when the bot version was published, and also a history of every time a new version of the bot was published.

It would be great to have the opportunity to revert to an old publish of a bot or even download the full project previously uploaded to use in the studio again.

I have a concern about bots overwriting each other in the orchestrator by mistake and also a better management of my bots.

hello @Daniel_Reche, This is definitely a great recommendation to have the ability to view and manage bot history from the orchestrator. I really liked the part about being able to download previous versions of the bot or revert changes!! such a brilliant idea.
What I’ve been using as my basis for version control is the file history in studio pro. You can get there by File> File History. This will allow you to view all of the past versions of the bot that you have saved in studio pro. You also have the ability to revert to older versions and save older versions. I usually rename all my versions so I am able to upkeep them. Please see the photo for reference. :smile:


@Daniel_Reche , Hi! Thank you for the request. We actually have it in our list of ideas and we also saw a couple of other requests about it. We will consider this feature for one of mid-term/long-term releases.


@Fernanda_Costa, Project versioning is something very important for us developers, it would be great if this tool were applied, being able to version the file and make comments. No need to use the orchestrator. Another idea would be to be able to use the integration with some Git/github repository to download the project and also do the versioning.


@Daniel_Reche Great idea! I’m in desperate need of a version control integration to manage different versions of the bots without overwriting them. Very useful for when I make a mistake.

@Oquandiah_Bridley I like that very much! I’ve seen in the Studio that this solution is a beta version at the moment. I didn’t know about it, so I’ve never used it before. I’ll definitely check it out.

Even though the file history seems like a nice way to manage different versions of the bots, I think it would be even better to have the option to use Git/Github (and other platforms as well). Is that integration possible?


Is it a Beta version? Because its avaible on my studio pro…

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@pedro.azevedo , the original topic is about versioning in Orchestrator which is one thing. What you see in Studio is the locally stored versions of the file explained by @Oquandiah_Bridley in one of the previous messages :slight_smile:

@g.melihov Nice, so I just select the version and after click on revert? Will all versions remain available after that?

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@pedro.azevedo , yes, new versions are kind of added on top always. So you are not going to lose the progress. There’s some guidance here: How to work with File History – ElectroNeek Help Center

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@cris-dsc having that GitHub integration would be super valuable. If I hear any thing about it, I will definitely fill you in. :smile: