Better management for Variables

I’m looking to manage variables the better way independent of activities.

Now the variable are tiep up with Assign activity which is making it difficult to manage.


Hello @nmnithinkrishna,

Thanks! We appreciate the time you took to share your idea, please keep doing it!
Have a great day!

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I am in agreement with with @nmnithinkrishna on this! I’ve started to divide my processes up into subprograms and have somehow created a variable twice–one global and one local. I’ve been getting an error about this since my updates have begun. It would be extremely beneficial if we could click on a variable in this section to see what activities are using it and then click the activities to jump to them in the canvas. Thank you!

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Hey, @BrandonTerry Thank you for showing your support for this idea. Would you kindly consider clicking on the vote button just before the topic post?